Resources at the Microsoft Office Website

Time saving downloads, support, and more from the Microsoft Office website:
From this website, you can access a huge variety of
product information and support, clip art and other media, templates,
updates and upgrades, add-ons, links, and more - for free. Since there's so
much content here, we've focused on what we believe will be most helpful to

To begin, navigate to the Office website at; you'll
find yourself at 'Home'. You'll see a 'Search' bar across the top of your
screen: if you're looking for something specific, enter key words here,
choose a category from the pull-down menu if you're so inclined, and click
'Search'. Down the left-hand side of your screen, you'll see a list of
links to sub-sections of the website; we've organized this Tip based on

Click the 'Templates' link described above. On this page, you can find
templates for almost anything (e.g. client collection letters, good
citizenship awards, agenda minutes, baseball scorecards). You can search
for something specific from the 'Search' bar. (You'll want to choose
'Templates' from the pull-down menu).

In the body of the page, you'll see some featured templates, and below that
you'll see a categorized 'Browse Templates' section. Navigate through
sub-categories, and you'll come to a list of applicable templates. Click
one to preview it, and click 'Download Now' to launch a new document using
the template. If you want to save the template for future use, go to File |
Save As, and under file type, choose 'Template'. When you do this, Word
will automatically navigate you to the 'Templates' folder; save your
template there.

Clip Art and Media
Click the 'Clip Art and Media' link. You'll see a 'Featured Collections'
section, as well as a categorized 'Browse Clip Art and Media' section. If
you're looking for something specific, you can search for it from the
'Search' bar along the top of your window: enter key words, choose 'Clip
Art and Media' from the pull-down menu, and click 'Search'. Otherwise, you
can browse by category.

Check the checkboxes under clips you want to download. When you've found
everything you want, click the 'Download x Clips' link in the 'Selection
Basket' section in the left-most column of your window. Choose a location
for your download, and when it's done, open the files to add them to your
clip art library. Refer to our previous Tip on inserting and formatting
pictures for instructions on how to use your clip art.

Other stuff
The 'Assistance' link takes you to a page that can answer many of your
Office-related questions. Search for something specific using the 'Search'
bar, or browse by category. Navigate through sub-categories, and you'll
come to a list of applicable articles. Click one to read it.

The 'Downloads' link takes you to a page with various free downloads.
You'll see the 'Office Update' link we covered in our previous Tip, as well
as featured and categorized downloads. Once again, if you're looking for
something specific, search for it from the 'Search' bar. Once you find what
you want, click 'Download Now' to download it. Remember, there're many
things on this website we couldn't cover, so we encourage you to explore.

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