When should I buy New?

There are two reasons to buy a new computer. The first is when you need the latest technology. The "Used" product represents advanced features and functions that are approximately eighteen to thirty months old. The very latest computer technology is only available "New." Another reason to buy "New" is when you require BOTH hardware and software and a "New" bundled offering is more price competitive. This is because Computer manufacturers negotiate significant discounts from Software vendors and pass these savings on in their pricing. All New machines come with software pre-loaded. Used vendors don't bundle software with the product as most customers already own the software they plan to use. If you've never owned a computer before, buying New is a good alternative. Just make sure the New offering includes software on CD as well as preloaded on the system. This ensures you can reload it should you need to repair or replace the hardware. Then, Used becomes an extremely cost effective solution.