Why buy used at all?

The folly of the computer industry today is that the manufacturers are producing machines with specifications that no software will utilize for 3 to 5 years. At one time the software developers pushed the limits of the specifications the manufacturers had on the market. The result of this was that in order to run the latest and greatest software you needed to upgrade your hardware. That is no longer the case. In the last three years the manufacturers have completely overshot the target as far as specifications goes. They left software developers in the dust…thus a machine with 850mhz and up processor and 128MB of ram has years of useful life ahead of itself. Of course the better the processor speed the longer life the machine will have. Our theory at Affordable Computers is for you not to pay for capability that you are not using today. This is based upon our knowledge that it will be cheaper tomorrow. We try to find out your computing requirements and then fit you into the computer and price that will best fit your needs and budget. 99% of the world does not require the specifications that are currently being produced. Good Pentium III computers will suit the needs of even the most demanding user in most cases. Again, Why pay for something you cannot use!