I will never buy another brand new computer again. You guys have been great. I\'ve now purchased 3 laptops from you and would be up to 4 if my Dad hadn\'t sent me a little HP that he hated (can\'t say I like it much either but it works). Your service is awesome and I love that you don\'t pressure me into buying more than I need. When I came in the first time saying I needed two identical laptops that could run a few simple programs and access the internet on a wireless connection, you had me set up and out the door in about 15 minutes flat. When my husband needed a new power cord for his laptop and Dell wanted $40 - sent him down to see you and he was back home with only $10 out of his pocket. When my daughter\'s laptop gave us the blue death screen, you fixed it under warranty. When the hinges broke and the disk drive was screaming you wisely advised it would be cheaper to replace it then to fix it. Please don\'t ever leave the Ann Arbor area!!

Michelle - Home Schooling Mom/Insurance Marketing Executive


 I bought a Thinkpad T41 from these guys a year ago. The reassurance of a one-year warranty was the deciding factor. And who can resist the IBM keyboard? The computer is in good condition and has performed great. I need a faster desktop and I want to stay with XP. These guys offer XPs, good prices, decent selection and the reassurance of a one-year warranty. I\'ll be back.

Patrick - Writer


I purchased an Apple G5 from AF, and through an understandable mistake, it was shipped with less RAM than advertised. One simple call, and only a couple days later, they shipped me not only the missing RAM, but the entire original amount, which netted me 50% MORE than advertised. It\'s always a relief for me when I\'m treated like I actually matter to the companies I do business with, and I will be more than happy to shop AF for my next computer purchase.

Stuart Cummings - Owner/RS Cummings Graphic Design


I was very pleased when I received my online order in perfect condition. Affordable Computers sent me a laptop exactly as advertized, and when I called them with a set up question they were very helpful. What a great deal!



I purchased a 14\" MacBook in January of 2009. It has worked flawlessly! I\'m coming back to purchase a projector, probably today (March 17th 2009). Nothing but the best of service and advice. The prices are very reasonable, too.

David E. - Pastor


I got a HP NW8240 NOTEBOOK from these guys!! OMG this machine screams. I am sooooo happy. Great Customer service Great EVERYTHING!!



I purchased a Thinkpad X40 for $529 on December 6th, received it December 12th, 2007 and it works well. Thanks guys.

Hayward Blake


Superb website. I write websites as a hobby, and yours tells the reader far more than any site of its kind that I have ever seen. I write websites for a hobby, and I have to say you have my profound respect. Looking forward to doing business with you computing needs arise.

Debby Cicchella